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TV Technology Today: In Your Home and Beyond

TV technology has come a long way since the days of black and white broadcasts and literally having to “tune-in” to channels, of which TV Appsthere was little selection to begin with and reception was spotty at best.

Today, TV technology has advanced to the point where there are hundreds of channels to choose from, offering programming for all ages and interests. And digital has replaced analog—paving the way for not only better picture quality and reception, but also things like high-definition programming and On Demand services. Couple the advancement in TV technology with the advent of the Internet, and it’s easy to see how TV has become a nearly limitless source for home entertainment.

Ready to turn your home into a hub for technology-driven entertainment? Take a look and familiarize yourself with the available technologies. Then call and find a provider in your area that delivers what you’re looking for.

Technology in Your Home

With TV providers’ continual improvement in how they deliver TV, your home becomes a hotspot for innovation. Never before has there been so many ways to enjoy the shows, movies, and sports you love. Never before has TV looked and felt this good.

It’s not just the TVs themselves that have gotten sleeker over the years. So has the picture quality. Today, the standard for optimal picture quality in the home is high-definition, or HD TV. HD TV brings unprecedented clarity, color, and sharpness with stunning 720p+ resolution. Once you have HD TV, you’ll never want to go back to standard definition, so make sure you choose a provider that delivers a good count of HD channels. Otherwise, what’s the point of that HD TV set?

Gone are the days of setting up VCRs to record your shows off television. Today, many providers offer digital video recording, or DVR, service via their box-top receivers. Essentially hard drives, DVRs can record hours of TV show and movies for viewing at a later time. While each provider has a different interface, the process for recording shows with the DVR is essentially the same. You choose a show you want to record, now or in the future, and press record on your remote—and viola, your show will be available for later viewing.

How advanced your DVR is will determine what options you have for viewing. For instance, if your DVR is not an HD DVR, , you will not be able to playback programming in high-definition. Furthermore, some providers do not offer whole-home DVR access, meaning they don’t allow you to watch recorded programming in one room and finish in another. The type of DVR you get will also determine the number of shows you can record at once. It’s important to know which providers offer what DVR services and options before you subscribe. This will save you the frustration of limited DVR space and features.

3D entertainment is no longer limited to just movie theaters, or just movies for that matter. TV viewers now have the luxury of watching screen-popping 3D programming right from the comfort of their couch. Sports, shows, movies—you name it. Dedicated 3D channels take home entertainment to a whole new level. The number of 3D channels and movies available to you varies from provider to provider.

Technology On-the-Go

While viewing programming at home on the TV is the most common means of watching, mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, are making it possible to watch while on-the-go. That means you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite programs just because you are away from home.

Mobile apps

In order to watch from mobile devices, many providers offer mobile apps. Optimized for the mobile experience, these apps allow everything from DVR playlist access and On Demand viewing to behind-the-scenes footage and even live streaming of shows and sporting events.

Get the Technology You Want from the Right Provider

It is important you know what technologies your provider offers before you subscribe. Review the individual provider pages and check out the compare charts to get more information on specific innovations and limitation of each provider.

Have a question? Feel free to call. We can help you find the provider in your area with best-in-class technologies fit for any demand.