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Though cable TV and satellite TV providers deliver programming to millions of homes around the country every hour of every day, there are many things that set the services apart. From the technology that drives programming to the various receivers in homes across the nation, learn about each company and how they differentiate themselves from other providers. Discover important decision factors, such as:

Bundling: Many providers offer multiple services, such as TV, Internet, and home phone, for a discounted price. Know before you buy if a given provider offers bundling.

Technology:  Everything from the ability to watch TV on your tablet to the numbers of shows you can record at once can vary by provider. Which provider is the best match for your tech-needs?

Channels: Love to watch programming from a specific channel? Not all providers offer every channel, so it’s important to know who has what you’re looking for before you opt in.

Savings: Providers continually offer promotions, ranging from equipment upgrades to instant savings. Find out who is offering the best deals to new customers in your area.

With so much provider knowledge under your belt, you’ll be a cable TV and satellite TV expert!

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What’s a coaxial cable? How do I mount a TV in the corner of a room? Where can I get satellite TV? Get all of your questions answered in the Resources section. Not only will you find thorough, helpful information on cable and satellite services and technologies, we’ll help educate you so you know exactly what to say when you’re ready to place an order with a provider. You’ll get tips, tricks, how to’s, news on products, guides, and much much more!
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Man watching TV with hands behind head.With both quick tips and full DIY project guides, you’ll be the master of your home TV setup.
Technology productsCable TV and satellite TV providers are continually announcing better products and services to the world. Get the inside scoop as they happen right here.

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