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WOW! Cable Information

Check out what WOW! has to offer.

WOW! Corporate History and Availability

WOW! is a privately owned, regional cable TV, Internet, and home phone provider that currently operates in the Midwest and Southeast. The WOW! cable company has seen its share of expansion since it’s humble roots as a small cable provider in just a handful of states. Today, WOW! cable locations extend to about 13 states, due large in part to the 2012 acquisition of another regional cable company, Knology, Inc., and is known for its independent, homegrown philosophy, also known as the WOW! way.

WOW! Products and Services

WOW! Cable Service

Like many cable companies, WOW! cable offers a variety of TV packages. These packages include:

These packages pertain primarily to desired features, like HD quality picture, games and apps, and whole-home DVR capability. The higher the package, the more features become available.

When it comes to WOW! cable channels, customers can choose between Basic Cable and Signature Cable lineups to go along with a package. These lineups change regularly and vary depending on location and markets, but they typically contain:

For the latest full channel lineups, visit

WOW! Internet Service

WOW! offers four speeds for broadband high speed Internet connectivity:

2 Mbps is acceptable for simple browsing and checking email and social media. For more demanding online tasks, such as streaming video or gaming, one of the higher speeds is more suitable. WOW! Email comes with each high speed Internet package.

WOW! Home Phone Service

In addition to TV and Internet, the WOW! cable company also provides home phone services. Customers can choose from a couple phone service packages: Advanced and Essential. Both include your standard landline phone functions, such as:

WOW! phone subscribers can also get online phone management access for things like checking voicemails and forwarding calls.

WOW! Bundles

Customers have the option of bundling services, such as WOW! cable and Internet together to receive a discount on their bill. Not every location offers bundled services, and price points may vary as well. Go to to find locations that currently offer bundle packages and pricing.


WOW! cable offers various levels of technology that support each of its services. For instance, WOW! cable subscribers have access to standard receivers or they can choose DVR or HD DVR receivers. Some cable packages also include online TV viewing and Video On Demand (VOD). can help you decide

There are a lot of choices available when it comes to choosing your home services provider. And depending on where you live, there could be even more than you think! Let help you decide. With our extensive resources, guides, tips, and tricks, you can rest assured you are getting useful, accurate information before you purchase.

For more information about WOW! cable services, feel free to peruse the pages. For more information on WOW! cable locations or the WOW! way philosophy head to or call WOW! cable customer service.


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