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As varied as TV packages may be, the concept is simple. Providers lump their channels together in different groups, or “packages”. These packages are designed to provide convenient options for any lifestyle, budget, and taste.

Some providers offer more packages than others, and some offer different ancillary packages for an even more personalized TV viewing experience. Read on for more information about how packages save you time, hassle, and money.

Television Packages for All Tastes

Do you enjoy watching the most popular channels with the hottest shows? How about award-winning shows and movies from premium content providers? Or, maybe you want the most action-packed sports experience on TV? No matter what you like to watch, providers have made it easy to get what you want with TV packages designed for every taste.

Typically, providers will start with lower channel counts for introductory packages, increasing channel counts with higher-priced packages. Though the packages with higher channel counts may cost more, they may include things like premium and bonus sports channels—saving you money on channels that would cost more if subscribed to individually.

For subscribers who like more customization in what they get, some providers offer special packages that can be added to the standard packages—creating a more a la carte TV experience. These ancillary packages may include more movie channels, more sports channels, HD programming, 3D TV, or other tiers.

Check the provider packages pages for specific TV package information for each provider. With so many options available, you are bound to find one that’s right for you.

Television Bundles Provide Savings

Many providers offer more than just TV. To incentivize subscribing to more than one service, when you combine a TV package with a home phone, Internet, or other service, you get a bundle discount. Bundling can save you your hard-earned money month in and month out. While some providers come up with different fancy names for their bundles, they are fundamentally the same.

Double Play Bundles

Combing TV with either home phone or Internet is called a double play bundle. Double play bundles save you money every month and give you more entertainment or communication options in your home.

Triple Play Bundles

You can yield even more savings when you subscribe to all three main services—TV, Internet, and home phone—in what is called a triple play bundle. Having all three options in the home maximizes the services and features available to subscribers. For instance, having Internet and home phone can allow for streaming content over Wi-Fi and caller-ID on the TV—services otherwise not possible with just TV service.

Quad Play Bundles

Some subscribers can also get a fourth service added to their bundle. Typically, this is home security service, and it may be offered by the primary provider or a third party provider.

Order the Best TV Package Now

As you can see, TV packages make it easier to get your favorite channels in your home—all while providing discounts that save you money every month.

Not sure which package is ideal for you and your family? Just pick up the phone and give us a call. There are package specialists standing by, ready to help you determine the TV package that best matches your preferences and budget. They will make sure you maximize your savings with bundles, promotions, and more.