Why Is TV A Good Influence For Children?

Overturning Assumptions About TV And Kids

Since the birth of television, commentators have made a lot of unfounded assumptions about the effects of TV viewing on children. Alarmists with all types of agendas have long decried television in immoderate terms. These impassioned voices redoubled their efforts to counteract the growth of cable television in the 1980s. With more available channels and all-day broadcasting, children with cable in their homes were supposedly exposed to powerful new dangers. Some commentators even claimed that cable TV would tear apart the moral fabric of modern society.

Children Benefit From Supervised TV Habits

With the passage of time, a growing body of research has cast most of these alarmist claims into doubt. Time and time again, impartial academics have used scientific means to counteract thoughtless hysteria. Interestingly, many experts are skeptical that TV watching represents a new or novel human experience. While television itself is a new technology, children have always passively observed and learned from the broader world. Just as parents have always edified their children with positive situations and companions, so do modern parents enlighten their wards with positive programming.

Although TV is often quite beneficial for kids, not all parents approach this issue with caution and care. Parental supervision is key for maximizing the potential benefits of TV. Responsible parents don't let their kids spend most of their young lives planted in front of television screens. Since TV watching is a sedentary activity, parents need to carefully monitor and control family viewing habits. Children should understand the need to integrate sedentary activities into active lifestyles. That said, TV can be an enormously positive influence on children.

For decades, many cable television channels have focused on producing educational programming for kids. Some of the most popular kids programs combine entertainment and education into an appealing whole. Instead of talking down to kids, the best of these shows challenge their viewers with fascinating concepts and ideas. Kids' TV attracts some of the most talented creators working in modern television. Many globally celebrated TV writers and producers learn their craft through children's television. Indeed, talents like Fred Rogers and Jim Henson proved that children's entertainment is compatible with artistry.

TV Viewing and Education

Countless parents tell constructive stories about the benefits their children have received from TV viewing habits. Many children have used television to learn critical counting, reading and problem solving skills. By making learning fun, educational shows inspire many kids to learn important new concepts without conscious effort. Although public television stations lead the way in producing educational programming, many praiseworthy shows for kids air on for-profit stations.

Excellent television programming is particularly important for kids who live in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. In many of these areas, it isn't always safe for kids to spend much time outside of their homes. Well-written kids' shows bring the world into viewers' homes, providing valuable insights and keeping children focused on learning.

Wholesome Entertainment For Families

Of course, not all outstanding kids' shows are educational in nature. Just like their parents, kids deserve to relax with wholesome entertainment. Critically acclaimed adventure shows make great rewards for children who complete their homework assignments or chores. Simple rewards like these are affordable tools for parents who have committed to teaching their families positive behavior.

With the advent of the Internet, it is easier than ever for parents to learn about the most promising kids' programs. In addition to providing accurate programming schedules, the best TV sites provide synopses, cast information and reviews. When comparing different television shows, parents naturally gravitate towards offerings that reflect their personal beliefs and morals. Fortunately, modern programming is available to suit families of all different backgrounds and lifestyles.

Throughout the world, exceptional TV shows for kids are eligible for government grants. Sensible governing officers recognize the importance of assisting parents with quality programming. Unfortunately, producers of children's television have difficulties securing funding during financial downturns. Voters and taxpayers need to prioritize funding to develop the minds of the young. One could make a convincing case that each dollar spent on educational programming can provide massive returns in the long term.

Edifying TV Opens Up Doors For Children

Oftentimes, parents are surprised to find that their kids are fascinated by documentaries. Children's documentaries cover a broad range of topics and make them accessible to kids of all ages. Many well-paid professionals started their vocational journeys by viewing fascinating television documentaries.

Some of the most pronounced benefits of kids' TV arise from parents watching with their children. In the course of their busy modern lives, many parents don't have much time or opportunity to socialize with their kids. Fortunately, television producers recognize the importance of family entertainment with broad appeal. Many production companies are releasing excellent shows that entertain people of all ages. Pediatricians and child-rearing experts have long voiced their approval for moderate TV watching by kids. Within the context of conscientious supervision, the best kids' shows fulfill important roles in thoughtful parenting.