What is the difference between standard and custom installation?

Standard and custom installation options are available for people who want to have equipment for accessing television services installed in their home. Most people opt for standard installation, but there are special features that are available for households with unique needs. Anyone who is considering a custom installation should discuss their unique needs with their television service provider.

Standard Installation

Standard installation services are offered to all customers of a television provider. Installation technicians will provide certain services while completing a standard installation. These services include:

  • Installation of any exterior equipment that is needed to enable a customer to receive television signals.
  • Running of cables on the outside and interior of a building.
  • Connection of cables and equipment used to receive signals.
  • Installation of standard equipment.
  • A short tutorial to help the customer understand how to use the service.
  • Guidance through the process of activating the service.

Custom Installation

Most customers need the standard installation. Any work that is not included in a standard installation will have to be added on to the basic service. It is common for television service providers to charge additional fees for these services. Custom installation services include:

  • Running cables through walls or other areas that are difficult to thread the cable through.
  • Installing equipment for or running cables to more than one television.
  • Connecting additional equipment that will be used in conjunction with the television. For example, technicians will not hook up stereo equipment during a standard installation.
  • Installing any additional equipment that is not routinely used to activate the service.

Customers may not be aware that they need a custom installation until a technician assesses the situation. The technician will review additional costs with the customer and ask the customer to sign a paper acknowledging these fees.