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Time Warner Cable is one of the largest cable providers in the United States, but they were not always this well-known. In the late 1960s, American Television and Communications (ATC) was founded. In 1973, Time Inc. acquired a percentage of ATC which led up to the eventual merger between Time and Warner Cable in 1989. Now, Time Warner Cable provides TV service to both residential and business customers as well as Internet, phone and home security services.

Time Warner Cable Availability

Time Warner Cable serves customers in over 20 states, providing television entertainment, Internet service, home phone plans and home security services to residents and businesses. To learn more about Time Warner Cable availability in your area, click any of the following states listed below.

MichiganMissouriNebraskaNew Hampshire
New JerseyNew MexicoNew YorkNorth Carolina
OhioPennsylvaniaSouth CarolinaTennessee
TexasVirginiaWashingtonWest Virginia

Time Warner Cable Customer Service

Time Warner Cable has Customer Care Representatives available to answer any calls 24/7. Customers can also go online and use the form available on the Time Warner Cable site in order to provide more details on standing or unresolved issues with service and hardware.

Time Warner Cable TV Packages

Time Warner Cable TV packages come with different options in programming, technology and features. It all depends on which package a customer chooses. Listed below are some of the TV packages and features offered:

  • Starter TV – The basic package that comes with over 20 channels.
  • Starter TV with HBO® – This is a step up from the base package and comes with premium channel options.
  • Standard TV – Comes with over 70 channels and access to over 18,000 On Demand titles.
  • Preferred TV – Over 200 channels, the ability to watch TV on mobile devices via TWC TV® app, and more.
  • Preferred TV w/DVR Service – The offerings of the Preferred TV package including dozens of music channels and HD-DVR service.
  • Preferred TV w/Whole House DVR Service – One of the most inclusive packages offered complete with Whole House HD-DVR service.

Time Warner Cable TV Features:

  • HD-DVR Service – Customers can watch one show while recording another and control the action with pause, play or rewind functions.
  • Whole House HD-DVR Service – The customer can start a program in one room and finish it in another.
  • Look Back® – Primetime programming can be viewed 72 hours after its initial airing.
  • Start Over® – With this, customers can restart a program that is already in progress.

Time Warner Cable Sports

Time Warner Cable offers a variety of sports channels. For the hockey enthusiasts, there is NHL® CENTER ICE®. Fans of baseball can watch MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠ and, for the tennis fans in the audience, Time Warner Cable features the Tennis Channel.

  • Sports Pass – Up to 20 channels of sports coverage for everything from the NFL to the MLB and more.
  • NHL® CENTER ICE® – Hockey fans can see up to 40 games a week when opting into this sports package.
  • MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠ – Up to 80 games a week. Customers can also get hometown commentary as well as dual feeds for select games.
  • NBA LEAGUE PASS – Customers can view up to 40 out-of-market games a week. There's also the NBA LEAGUE PASS mobile app for fans who want to take the action on the go.
  • MLS Direct Kick™ – Featuring 19 Major League Soccer teams and over 200 regular season games.

Time Warner Cable also features Pay-Per-View and On Demand sports packages. These include:

  • Sports Pay Per View – WWE, UFC, TNA. Pugilistic professionals all year long.
  • Sports On Demand – Whether it's coverage of the big game or fitness tips, customers can view programming from ESPN, NFL® Network, Speed Channel and so much more.

Some restrictions may apply regarding these packages. All services are not available in all areas so it's important to do your research before making a decision.

Time Warner Cable HD

Time Warner Cable offers channels in HD with their Preferred TV, Standard TV and Starter TV packages. The number of HD channels, however, varies depending on which plan and package the customer chooses.

Time Warner Cable Technology

Time Warner Cable brings technology to the customer that puts the viewer in control of the action. The Time Warner Cable DVR service lets customers schedule recordings, store up to 80 hours of programming and more.

Not Sure? There Are Other Options Besides Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable is not the only option in the area when it comes to television service providers. There may be other options in your area so if Time Warner Cable isn't right for you, do some research until you find a provider with the services and prices that match your needs.

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