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What is Cable DTV?
You flip on the TV and an image shows up on the screen, but how exactly does it get there? The answer is “digitally,” at least since 2009. To transmit a digital television (DTV) signal, TV broadcasters compress the audio/video data via binary code, the same system that computers and digitally recorded CDs use. Television [&hellip... READ MORE
What Is 4K TV?
If you’re in the market for a new TV or just like to keep up with TV technology trends, you’ve likely come across 4K. As one of the latest innovations in TV tech, 4K promises even better picture quality than the already highly-popular HD format, and has become synonymous with “Ultra-HD.” While 3D TVs are [&hellip... READ MORE
What Are the Advantages of Satellite TV?
Since its inception some 50+ years ago, satellite TV has made some major improvements. No longer do satellite TV subscribers have to deal with erratic signals, massive dishes and only being able to watch one program in the household at a time. As technological advancements diminished these early drawbacks, consumers began to take notice the [&hellip... READ MORE
What is the difference between standard and custom installation?
Standard and custom installation options are available for people who want to have equipment for accessing television services installed in their home. Most people opt for standard installation, but there are special features that are available for households with unique needs. Anyone who is considering a custom installation should discuss their unique needs with their [&hellip... READ MORE
How do I Choose an Off-air TV Antenna to Receive the Off-air Local Channels?
Free High Definition Television Reception About 80 percent of the country’s television viewers pay for satellite or cable service to get HDTV reception, and most of those people are unaware that they can get free, off-air TV by connecting external antennas to their television sets. The signals come by direct broadcasts over the air from [&hellip... READ MORE