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Learn About DISH Packages

Whether you like to choose from a small selection of programming or seek all the DISH Network channels under the sun, DISH Network gives you the ability to pick from an assortment of packages that fit your lifestyle and budget.

Check out the available DISH packages and browse through the DISH Network channels. You’ll quickly determine if DISH meets your TV provider expectations.

DISH Packages

Satellite TV

There’s always something on when you subscribe to the many DISH Network channels offered. To offer a more personalized TV experience, like most providers, DISH gives you a choice between several tailored packages. Dish packages include:

There are also a few other packages that customers can subscribe to if they want more of an introductory package, or if they want an “all-inclusive” package. These packagers include:

The more DISH Network channels you want, the more you’ll pay. It’s best to take a look at exactly which channels the various packages offer, so you can assure you aren’t getting more or less than you pay for.

Bundle Packages

While DISH doesn’t offer other home services, like Internet or home phone at the present time, DISH customers do have the option to bundle their DISH TV package with preferred DISH partners. Not only will this result in more savings every month, but customers can also take advantage of features that aren’t available to TV-only customers.

For instance, when you subscribe to both DISH TV and Internet, you can unlock more on demand content. DISH TV and Internet combos also let you enjoy a second-second screen experience when you use your tablet or smartphone while you watch. Lastly, DISH TV and Internet lets you stream content throughout your home, including content you’ve recorded on your DVR.

Those who wish to add home phone service can also bundle their DISH service with a home phone service offered by a preferred DISH partner. Providers vary by geography, so you’ll have to check with DISH first to see who is available in your area.

Commercial Packages

Businesses can also utilize DISH services. Whether you manage a hotel or run your own restaurant, DISH has created packages designed for your business needs. Here are a couple of your options:

You can also customize your package by choosing between various packages—such as kids, movies, family, etc.—for an even more tailored TV experience that fits your business’ brand.

Getting DISH Packages

Ready to get DISH in your home or place of business? Before you do, compare DISH with other cable and satellite TV providers.

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