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Dish Network Information

There are two major satellite TV networks available to consumers across the United States. DISH Network is one of them.

Available for both residents and business alike, DISH has become a major contender in TV services, offering extensive programming lineups and product features at a competitive prices. Discover where DISHNetwork came from and what the company has to offer to determine if they meet your home entertainment needs.

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DISH Network Corporate History

Formerly a subsidiary of EchoStar, DISHNetwork began as its own brand in 1996 soon after Echostar launched its first satellite for TV into space. In 2008, DISH Network separated as an individual entity from EchoStar. However, EchoStar continued to be, and currently remains, the main technology partner to DISHNetwork.

Presently, DISH is headquartered in Colorado, and it services over 14 million subscribers all around the United States. The company employs around 34,000 people, with the bulk of those employees working in the United States.

DISH Network Products and Services

Satellite TV

The primary service offered though DISH is satellite TV. As far as programming received, there is not a big difference between satellite and cable TV. You get most of the same channels and technology offerings, with the only difference being in how the signal is physically received.

DISH offers multiple packages, giving customers plenty of choice when it comes to channel and features offerings. The company also ranks highly in customer satisfaction amongst all television providers. Customers can also expect such innovations as the Tailgater, a portable satellite capable of picking up reception outside the home. Other home innovations include, the Hopper and the Hopper with Sling, an advanced DVR system that allows for more recording, space, and control over how and where you watch TV.

Over the years, DISH has launched more satellites into space, and improved home satellite technology to allow for things like HD, more extensive channel lineups, better signal, and more.

Internet and Home Phone

Though DISH Network does not currently have the technological infrastructure to support Internet and home phone services, the company partners with other providers to offer these services to its customers. For Internet service, this partnership falls under the name DISHnet.

It is speculated that over the next decade DISH will begin offering Internet and phone services for both home and mobile applications, as evidenced by the many telecommunications and tech company acquisitions DISH is making.


Even though DISH does not offer its own services for bundling, DISH customers can still find savings when they combine DISH's satellite TV with Internet and home phone from one or more of DISH's preferred partners. There are providers available all across the U.S., so customers should be able to take advantage of bundle pricing no matter where they live.

Subscribing to DISH

What's great about satellite TV is that it's available to almost every household in the United States. All that's needed is a clear view of the southern sky. So no matter where you live, even if it's in a rural area, you should be able to pick up DISH's signal.

Want even more impressive technology to accompany your favorite TV shows? Want more exclusive sports packages? Want the very best in customer satisfaction? Then you might consider calling and getting connected with another satellite TV provider—one that offers even more of the home entertainment and options that you love.