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TV Service Providers: Compare and Save

Are you looking for a TV service provider for your new home? Missing out on a particular service or feature with your current provider and looking to make a switch? Whatever your reason, you can be assured that we’ve got all the information you need to make the right choice when deciding between TV service providers.

Discover features, promotions, savings, and more when you check out our individual TV service providers’ pages and comparison charts. Find out which provider gives you exactly what you want for a price that is affordable.

Cable TV Providers Big and Small

If you live near a major metropolitan area, chances are you have access to one of the major cable TV providers, such as:

These cable companies each share a large piece of the pie and offer some of the best features, like HD programming and On Demand services. But there are also many smaller, more regional providers that also have significant market share and offer services just as good, such as:

Regardless of size, by nature of the technology that delivers cable, most cable companies offer additional services to TV, such as home phone and Internet. When customers subscribe to more than one service, they receive a discount—letting them save a little bit each month. This is called bundling.

Want to Compare Cable TV Providers?

Our comparison tools are constantly updated with the latest deals on cable, saving you the time and hassle of having to search for them on your own. Find out which provider in your area is willing to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

You can also read the individual cable provider pages for more information on each cable company.

Alternatives to Cable TV

Customers who don’t live near a major city or simply want different programming and package opportunities have the option of satellite TV. Available to every home with a view of the southern sky—which is just about every home in the nation—satellite TV offers as much programming, if not more, than cable TV.

What’s more, some TV programming may only be offered through satellite TV. For instance, NFL SUNDAY TICKET is an NFL football package offered exclusively with DIRECTV. On the other hand, unlike cable TV providers, satellite TV companies do not typically offer more than TV on their own. Instead, in order to bundle other services, such as Internet and home phone, they partner with leading providers across the country—that way customers can still get discounts for multiple services.

DISH and DIRECTV are the largest satellite TV subscribers in the country and account for more than 30 million subscribers combined. Take a look at their provider pages and find out if satellite TV is the best option for you. You may be surprised.

Save Now When You Call

With deals on cable and satellite TV like this, you can’t go wrong. Call now and let a knowledgeable, friendly representative help you get connected with a TV service that provides the right package, the right services, and the right technology to suit your needs. They will make sure you get the best available discounts and promotional offers—savings that could save you hundreds of dollars over the course of your subscription.

Don’t delay, call today.