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Learn About Charter Packages

If you are looking for some variety in your TV, Internet, and home phone packages, then Charter may be an option for you. Offering both tiered packages for differing preferences and add-on features for more content and viewing options, Charter has a solid mix of TV services, and more, that bring your home to the 21st century.

Charter Packages

Charter Cable Packages

Charter is known foremost for its cable TV service, which provides options for different lifestyles and budgets. There are three Charter Cable packages for customers to choose from. They include:

The Select Charter Cable packages boasts 125+ channels, while Silver and Gold add up to 175+ and 200+, respectively. Silver also includes a special lineup of Digital Tier 1 channels, and Gold includes an additional Digital Tier 2 channel lineup.

All of the Charter Cable packages include local channels, free HD service, on demand options, and viewing from mobile devices. You can also add ancillary channels and features, such as the NFL Network and multi-set DVR, for an additional monthly fee.

Charter Internet Packages

Charter also provides Internet services for customers looking to be connected online. While their TV service offers three choices, Charter Internet is limited to two:

Plus customers can expect download speeds up to 30 Mbps, while Ultra subscribers can expect download speeds up to 100 Mbps. Ultra is a more expensive package, but it provides additional speed that makes downloading games and HD movies quick—and photos and music a snap.

Both the Charter Internet packages include the Charter Security Suite®, which provides security features like parental controls and email protection. Customers can also choose a Charter Wi-Fi Internet router with their Internet service, providing wireless home networking with a strong signal range.

Charter Phone Packages

Charter Phone doesn’t offer different home phone packages like some providers. Instead, it provides one plan, called Charter Phone® Unlimited. This plan allows unlimited local and long distance calling in the United States, Canada, and U.S. provinces. It also includes popular calling features, such as voicemail, call waiting, and call forwarding. Also provided at no extra cost is the Charter Online Phone Manager, which lets customers access their home phone from anywhere. Customers can also expect to get free 411 calls.

Where customers do have to pay, however, is with international calls. International calling rates vary by country. However, there is the option to purchase the Worldwide 250 Calling Plan, which allows 250 minutes to over 200 worldwide locations.

Charter Bundles

Looking to maximize your savings every month? Then you should consider bundling your home services. When you get one of the Charter bundles, you commit yourself to the Charter experience. The provider reciprocates by giving you a discount on your bill.

Customers can choose TV, Internet, and home phone plans from one the three Charter bundles:

The names for the Charter bundles correspond to the TV package included in each, with channel counts and features matching their respective TV package: Select, Silver, and Gold. All three bundles come with Internet Plus and Phone Unlimited.

Getting Charter Packages

While Charter may seem like a great option for you, only certain customers in certain parts of the country have access to Charter products and services. Make sure you verify the provider’s availability in your area before you set your mind on subscribing.

With tons of channels, superior technology, and countless features, you’re sure to be just as satisfied, if not more so.