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Which Cablevision Packages Are for You?

If you’re looking for home services designed to suit your TV, Internet, and home phone demands, then Cablevision could be the provider for you. Take a look at the Cable Vision packages below and find one that fits your needs and works for your budget.

Cablevision Packages

Cablevision TV

Whether you want just a few Cablevision channels and features, or want to maximize your lineup with every one of the Cablevision channels offered, then there’s an Optimum TV package that is right for you.

Optimum TV packages are:

Starting with over 115 Cablevision channels, Optimum Value delivers the essential popular networks that cable customers have come to expect. More channels are included with each upgraded tier, with Optimum Gold offering the most channel selection—including HBO®, TMC, and other premium content providers.

With any of the packages you can take advantage of such features as high-definition picture quality, multi-room DVR capability, and on demand shows and movies—for an additional cost. Customers can also use the free Optimum app to get on-the-go access to many of the TV services and features, such as the Cablevision channel guide—from their laptop, iPad®, iPhone®, or Android™ devices.

Cablevision Internet

Want high-speed Internet to complement your TV service but don’t want to be forced into a plan that’s not right for you? With tiered bandwidth allowances on Cablevision Internet plans you don’t have to worry about paying for bandwidth you don’t need. Choose from one of the following:

If you’re someone who just gets online to check Facebook, surf the web, or check emails, then you don’t need anything more than Optimum Online. If you like to watch a lot of shows and movies on streaming services, like Netflix and YouTube, then you may need more download bandwidth with Optimum Online Ultra 50. Want to do all of the above and be connected on multiple computers and devices? Then you should consider Optimum Online Ultra 101.

Cablevision Voice

Staying connected with friends and family, both domestically and abroad, is easy with Optimum Voice. Customers can get unlimited nationwide calling and plenty of phone features, like caller ID, call waiting, and more. And, you can customize your home phone service further with:

Optimum Voice also comes with the Optimum Voice Homepage, a useful online tool for checking voicemails, sending texts, and managing calling features.

Cablevision Bundle Packages

Customers can save on all three services—TV, Internet, and home phone—when they bundle them together into one of the Triple Play Packages:

That puts your top home connectivity and entertainment services on one bill, saving you time and hassle every month!

Business Packages

Business can also take advantage of many of the same packages and savings as residents, in addition to ancillary services, such as static IP addressing. No risks. No contracts. Just quality service for every business, small or large.

Get Cable Vision Packages

Ready to start enjoying one of the many Cable Vision packages today? Remember, most Cablevision services are only available in the Greater New York City area, so you may not have access to Cable Vision packages where you live.

If not, there are many other providers with similar, if not better, services ready to give you the best home entertainment and connectivity experience. Call today to get connected with one of them.