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Learn About Bright House Packages

Whether you’re looking for TV, Internet, home phone, or all three services, Bright House has options that make getting connected easy. Plus, you don’t have to choose from a whole slew of packages. Bright House has a limited number of packages, making the decision-making process quick and simple.

Bright House may have a package for you. Browse the options below and find out if the provider fits your entertainment and connectivity demands.

Bright House Packages

Individual Services


When it comes to BrightHouse packages, cable is the cream of the crop. Bright House started as a cable company, and has invested substantial resources into making it their premier service.

Unlike many providers who offer more than a handful of TV packages to choose from, Bright House offers only two:

The Standard Cable packages comes over 70 popular channels, including entertainment, sports, news, family, and more. There’s also no contract and Bright House provides 24/7 customer care.

Those looking to have some more variety in their programming can opt into the Standard Digital package, which comes with over 200 channels. Also included in Standard Digital are options for additional features, such as on demand, premier channels, additional sports passes, and more.

While offering two packages is great because it narrows the decision-making process, it can exclude some customers, who want a middle-of-the-road option or don’t want to make a big leap to an expensive package just for some more variety. Consider this before you buy in to one of the BrightHouse packages.


In addition to cable services, Bright House also offers high-speed Internet solutions. Depending on your needs—and how you use the Internet—Bright House may have a plan that works for you. They include:

Lighting provides the fastest high-speed internet, topping out at 60mb/s. Turbo and High-Speed plans allow download speeds up to 30 and 10 mb/s, respectively. That means that if you plan on downloading a lot of large files or streaming video content, you should opt into Turbo or Lighting. However, customers who just want to browse the net and check emails are fine with the High-Speed package.


When it comes to staying connected with friends and family around the nation or overseas, Bright House provides home phone plans that make it all possible.

With the Unlimited Nationwide calling plan, customers don’t have to count minutes or worry about the time of day when they can call. And with low-rate International Long Distance plans, customers can stay in touch with people who live outside the country without breaking the bank.

Standard features like caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding are also available. Bright House even lets you use an app to send unlimited free text messages to other mobile phones using your own home number.

Bright House Bundles

Want to get more than one of the BrightHouse packages and save money at the same time? Then all you have to do is pick the services you want. Bright House will then give you a bundle discount. Pick all three services—TV, Internet, and home phone—and get the biggest discount.

Bright House Business

Need even faster Internet for your business demands? Want TV in your office for important industry updates and weather information? Need voice services for your employees?

Whether you’re a garage-based startup or a large multinational corporation, Bright House solutions provides dedicated business solutions that provide the infrastructure your company needs to grow. Visit to building your own bundle or get an assisted quote.

Ordering Bright House Packages

Like what you see? Currently, Bright House operates in just a handful of states, so you’ll need to check the website to see if they are available in your area. TV providers are expanding all the time, so you could have Bright House Networks in your neighborhood in the future.

Alternatively, you can always choose a satellite TV provider, available anywhere with a view of the southern sky (almost every household in the continental U.S.). They offer many, if not more, of the same services, so you can rest assured you’ll get the most out of your home entertainment and connectivity experience.