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No matter where you live in the country, there are options for receiving quality programming from the channels you love to watch. You may be able to get cable TV services from one of the many large or local TV service providers. Or, satellite TV may be the only available option in your area. Regardless of the options available, these providers want you as a customer, and they are willing to sweeten the deal to get you to subscribe.

Find out what options you have in your area. You could be surprised at which providers offer the most channels, technology, and features for the lowest price.

Cable TV Availability

Cable TV has been around for decades, bringing more channel variety and original programming to homes than broadcast signals ever could.

While many cable companies have stayed small and regional, a handful of large cable companies, including Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Cox, to name a few, have emerged and now operate in many states. Some have even grown large enough to actually own the very channels they distribute. These larger companies represent a large chunk of the more than 50% of Americans subscribed to at least basic cable TV subscribers—accounting for tens of millions of customers.

Despite the vast size of cable providers, there are large physical infrastructure demands required for cable lines to reach homes. As a result, many cable TV service providers are restricted to major metropolitan areas. This means that some homes outside of city range may not have access to cable TV services.

Satellite TV Availability

Another service that has been around for several decades is satellite TV, with the largest two satellite TV service providers, DIRECTV and DISH, offering TV service since the mid-1990s.

Satellite TV takes advantage of technological developments in space satellites transmission in order to distribute TV signals to homes. Because homes only need a view of the southern sky and a satellite dish to pick up a signal, satellite TV service is available to almost every home in the country, regardless of physical location. In fact, satellite TV is responsible for service in more than 30 million homes across North America—many of which would not receive quality TV programming without it.

Further innovations in satellite technology have allowed for improved satellite signal strength and reception, high-definition picture quality, On Demand programming, and more.

What Are the TV Providers in My Area?

If you want to quickly discover the best TV service providers and deals in your area, plug your zip code into the box above. The options you have for TV service depend on your residential address. You could have cable access, satellite TV access, or even both.

With so many options, it’s nice to know you can also simply pick up the phone and call. When you call, a friendly representative will help you pick a TV package that best suits your preferences. You may even be eligible for a money-saving bundle package. Once you have placed your order, they will help you schedule your installation date.

There’s no long waits talking to multiple providers or time-consuming online searches. With just one call, you’ll have quality home entertainment—including shows, movies, music, and more—in your home in no time. It’s that easy.