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WOW! Cable and Internet Packages is not affiliated with WOW! cable and is operated by DirectStarTV, a DIRECTV authorized retailer.

Though WOW! cable TV is the company’s flagship service, WOW! also offers other home service solutions, including Internet and landline phone. When customers bundle more than one of these services together, they can receive discounted bundle prices.

Read on for more information about WOW! cable and Internet packages, home phone packages, and bundling opportunities.

WOW! Cable TV Packages

Features and Technology

Customers have a few WOW! cable TV packages to choose from, with varying features and technology. Each package includes more than the previous:


Once the desired features are chosen, customers can choose a channel lineup. There are a couple of channel lineups to choose from:

Basic Cable

The starter WOW! cable service, Basic Cable, is available with each of the WOW! cable packages. Though channel availability may vary by location, typically Basic Cable has more than 85 broadcast and cable channels, and over 65 HD channels for customers with HDTVs and HD receivers. Customers with either the Digital TV or Ultra TV can also get over 85 channels of Video On Demand, Pay-Per-View, and music. Premium content is available for Digital TV and Ultra TV subscribers for an additional monthly fee.

Signature Cable

The extended WOW! cable service, Signature Cable, has a higher standard and high definition channel count, with over 150 broadcast and cable channels, and over 100 HD channels, respectively. Just like the Basic Cable service, customers must have an HDTV and HD receiver in order receive HD channels. Digital TV or Ultra TV subscribers have access to the same number of Video On Demand, Pay-Per-View, and music channels as Basic Cable subscribers, and there is still a fee for premium content for said subscribers.

Full listings and availability for WOW! cable channels and lineups can be found at

WOW! Internet Packages

There are several WOW! Internet packages to choose from. Choosing the right one all depends on what you do online.

2 Mbps

Ok for casual web surfing and checking email.

15 Mbps

Better for media downloading, such as pictures, and light video streaming use.

30 Mbps

Good for streaming videos, online gaming, and downloading large files.

50 Mbps

WOW!’s fastest Internet package, good for almost all online activities.

WOW! Home Phone Plans

The WOW! cable company also offers solutions that help customers stay connected with people in the U.S. and around the globe. Those looking for home phone service have a couple of options:

WOW! Advanced Phone

WOW! Advanced Phone has unlimited nationwide calling and comes with the most features, including voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, and call forwarding, to name a few.

WOW! Essential Phone

The WOW! Essential Phone plan has unlimited local calling and comes most of the same features as Advanced Home Phone, excluding voicemail and unlimited nationwide calling; customers pay a fee for domestic long distance calls.

Bundling WOW! Packages

For customers interested in more than one service, such as WOW! cable and Internet, WOW! offers multiple services together with a bundle discount. Additional features can become available when you bundle services. For instance, caller ID on the TV becomes an option with both cable TV and home phone service. And, WOW! phone and Internet customers can go online to check and download voicemails, or set call forwarding functions.

However, some locations may not offer all WOW! cable and Internet and home phone services and special features, so some bundling features may not be available. Price points may vary as well. Head to to see the locations that currently offer bundle packages, pricing, and feature availability.

Use to compare provider packages

Not all TV, Internet, and home phone packages are created equal. That’s why is here to help. Compare WOW! cable packages with those of other providers to find the best features, channels, technology, and deals that fit your lifestyle and budget.

For more information about WOW! cable packages, take a look at the other WOW! pages. You can also visit or call WOW! cable customer service.


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